Music: Songs From Scratch

Learn how to create songs from scratch! In this class, students will learn the basics of song creation and music production. Students will focus on writing, recording, producing, and releasing during the session. Learning these skills will allow students to create as they would in a professional music studio. In this 11 week class, students

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Music: A Week in the Studio

Students will spend one week learning the ins and outs of working in a professional music studio environment. Whether students play a musical instrument, love to work with computer software, are master organizers, or have never even considered making music, they will all find themselves part of a team working towards a common goal –

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Music: Bringing Music to Life

Learning collaboration song creation and music video production. We’ll begin with the basic of audio production using programs like Pro Tools and Ableton. From there, we’ll be learning the basics of music recording, editing and mixing. Once the song is done, we’ll get the cameras out and learn basic camera recording techniques and compositions. And

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