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Class Description

Join a group of like-minded creatives to form a band, learn to play an instrument, write and record original music, and explore the inner workings of the music industry. Students will learn to produce and record music using Ableton Live music production software and experience working in a recording studio. Musical experience is helpful but unnecessary as the class has many roles to explore!

Learning Objectives: in this class, students will learn about

  • Band dynamics;
  • Successful collaboration; 
  • Writing and arranging original music;
  • How to create, edit, mix, and master in a DAW (Digital Audio Work Station); 
  • Studying studio techniques focusing on microphones, audio routing, and studio management; 
  • Practicing instrument proficiency;
  • The art of the peer critique and giving peer critiques on the progress of student work;
  • Opportunities and potential resources on career pathways;
  • How to distribute, exhibit, and promote artwork for various audiences.


  • iMac
  • iPad
  • Microphones
  • Audio Interface
  • Studio Monitors
  • Ableton Push
  • Basic Studio Gear (Headphones, Cables, Mic Stands, DI Boxes)
  • Instruments (Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Vocals, Beat Pad, MIDI Controller)


  • Ableton Live 11
  • Logic Pro X
  • GarageBand

Deliverables: Students and Class Projects

  • Class Project (1-3 Songs) – Write, record, and produce a through-composed musical piece.
    • Students may split into groups, depending on class size and skill level, and each group will create a piece.
  • One “Just Do It” Project – short-form musical experiments created by students during one class period.
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