Music: Composing A Song

In this 10 week class, students will learn Writing music for a movie score Identify the idea you want to write about Composition Production Goals Recording Release of song/album for given project

Design: Fundamentals of Animation

Students will explore the history and fundamentals of animation. They will learn to create their own animated scene using Adobe Animate, and how to import previous work and incorporate simple animations into it. In this 10 week class, students will Explore and practice the 12 principles of animations: Squash & stretch Ease in & out …

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Film: Stop-Motion Animation

Sum up your 2021 in one word using stop-motion animation! Explore every aspect of making a stop motion film from start to finish and learn how you can create a million worlds in the blink of an eye. In this 2 week class, students will Learn how to create a stop-motion animation Learn how to …

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Design: Winter Dragons & Mountainscapes

Bring your fantastical winter wonderland to life with the help of Photoshop layers, masking and brushes. Paint the snow, make sunlight, create your own lighting and more. In this 2 week class, students will

Film: Make a Music Video

Music videos… I want my MTV! This action-packed, hands-on class will result in a full music video after an exploration of the history of music videos from the beginning to TikTok. In this 8 week class, students will Learn and participate in every aspect of filmmaking, beginning with music selection, story conceptualization and finishing with …

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Design: Mixed Media Comic Book Covers

In this one-week intensive, students will: Explore the fundamentals of design for comic book covers. Explore different types of comic book art. Compile ideas and learn how to create a comic book cover from scratch. Create moodboards and thumbnails for comic book cover design. Learn about the fundamentals of Adobe Fresco. Learn about the fundamentals …

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Music: Recording Studio Sessions

In this one week intensive, students will: Write, record, and mix using a digital audio workstation (DAW) Configure microphones to capture sound Create the flow of your studio session Use creativity to put musical ideas into context.  Learn the basics of releasing and promoting your work

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