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Students will learn the fundamentals of simple character design, and script writing for production animation. They will explore how to create characters using fundamental shapes, squares, circles, triangles, & bananas. They will practice basic script writing, storyboarding, and thumbnailing. Students will explore and review the principles of animation to breathe life into their characters.

In this 9 week class, students will learn

  • Fundamentals of character creation using basic shapes
  • Fundamentals of design:
    • Color
    • Movement
    • Lines
    • Texture
    • Shape
    • Space
    • Hierarchy 
  • Explore script writing for animation.
  • Storyboarding and thumbnailing for animation. 
  • Fundamentals of Photoshop and the toolbar, lasso tool, move tool, paint brush, selection tool, Layers, chroma keying for animation, naming and saving convention, how to mirror iPad to Mac, exporting work. 
  • Fundamentals of  Adobe Animate, the essential tool bar, move tool, importing and exporting work, naming convention, keyframes, in-betweens,
  • Students will explore the timeline in Adobe Animate ,  how to manipulate their animations, and timing.

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