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Students will explore the history and fundamentals of animation. They will learn to create their own animated scene using Adobe Animate, and how to import previous work and incorporate simple animations into it.

In this 10 week class, students will

  • Explore and practice the 12 principles of animations:
    • Squash & stretch
    • Ease in & out
    • Timing
    • Arc
    • Anticipation
    • Stagging  
    • Secondary Action
    • Follow through & overlapping 
    • Exaggeration 
    • Solid drawing
    • Appeal
  • Practice:
    • Adobe Animate and key functions of key-framing, tweening, rendering, timing. 
    • Students will learn how timeline and layers function in Adobe Animate. 
    • Students learn what fps (frames per second ) and how it applies to the animation industry. 
    • Students will learn to import drawings into Adobe Animate, how to use the drawing and shape tools, and how to draw and create with Animate. 
  • Explore the toolbar and functions of Adobe Animate. 
  • Learn how to create a ball bounce, walk cycle, and animate a final scene. 
  • Learn both traditional & vector animation.  
  • Learn to create simple symbols for repetitive motion with Adobe Animate.


  • iMac
  • iPad


  • Adobe Fresco
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Animate
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