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This class explores the fundamentals of cinematography as well as creative film making in general. We will focus on disciplined camera techniques and creative equipment implementation.  All skills learned in the class will be put to practical use as we create visual narratives through cinematic storytelling.

In this 9 week class, students will

  • Learn how to tell a story: from a single beat or moment all the way up through a feature film. 
  • Learning the camera: lenses, placement, shot angles, camera settings.
  • Learning Lighting: Placement, mood, color, Etc
  • Learning camera movement: Pan, Tilt, Sliders, Dollys, Tracking shots, Etc
  • Sound for Film: When and how to use it as well as equipment selection.
  • Putting it together: Actionable video/shots that utilize the skills above.


  • Adobe Premiere. Ableton After Effects.


  • Cameras
  • Tripods
  • Lighting rig
  • Audio recorder and Mics
  • Slider
  • Cell phones: for photo taking.
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