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In this class, students will…
  • Students will drop off their own constructed robots at MAPS for a competition and team exercises
  • Students will use voice commands from a device to control their robots and cameras
  • Students will learn how to code and use code to control circuits they learned to wire
  • Students will create deepfakes and use those deepfakes as a background during our zoom meetings and to make a class compilation video
  • Students will understand how deepfakes are created, they will be able to spot them in the wild and understand a.i. that can do the same








  • iPads Continuous rotation servo motors
  • Esp8266 arduino
  • Micro usb data cables
  • Jumper wires of various sizes
  • Prototyping board
  • Cell phone charger battery pack
  • 3d printed parts for robot bodies
  • Wyze internet camera


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