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Class Description

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of media arts with MAPS’ action-packed 5-day summer workshop! Each day, we’ll focus on a different aspect of media arts: digital photography, video production & editing, and sound engineering. You’ll also learn about inspiring contemporary artists and explore how media arts can lead to incredible career opportunities. By the end of this creative adventure, you’ll have the skills and confidence to take on any media arts challenge. Get ready to unleash your inner storyteller and make some media magic with MAPS!

Learning Objectives: in this class, students will learn about

  • Introduction to digital photography and its applications;
  • Using Adobe Fresco, demonstrate what shape language is and why it is important in art and design;
  • How to lead a good interview: preparation, active listening, and asking open-ended question;
  • The elements of a storyboard: frames, actions, dialogue, camera angles, and transitions;
  • The essential video editing functions: trimming, splitting, and rearranging clips;
  • The art of the peer critique and give peer critiques on the progress of student work;
  • Opportunities and potential resources on career pathways;
  • How to distribute, exhibit, and promote artwork for a variety of audiences.


  • iMacs
  • iPads
  • iPencil
  • Padcaster Kits


  • Adobe Fresco
  • GarageBand
  • CapCut

Deliverables: Students and Class Projects

  • Day 1: Twenty digitally enhanced photographs
  • Day 2: Adobe Fresco artwork using shape language principles
  • Day 3: GarageBand-edited podcast, including an interview
  • Day 4: Storyboard plan for filming using Padcasters
  • Day 5: Finished film A Day in the Life of MAPS

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