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Learning collaboration song creation and music video production. We’ll begin with the basic of audio production using programs like Pro Tools and Ableton. From there, we’ll be learning the basics of music recording, editing and mixing. Once the song is done, we’ll get the cameras out and learn basic camera recording techniques and compositions. And finally we’ll film a music video based off the song that was created, bring it back into the classroom and learn how to edit the footage using Adobe Premiere software.

In this 6 week class, students will:

  • Collaborate on ground up idea generation, song creation, and video production
  • Learn different compositions, techniques, and methods for recording video to music
  • Learn basic storyboarding and develop a shot list for a video production shoot
  • Learn the basics of Pro Tools and Ableton audio production software
  • Learn the basics to recording, editing, and mixing your recorded music audio
  • Learn the basics of Adobe Premiere video editing software
  • Learn how to combine all these tools into creating a final music video of your work!


  • Video cameras - Canon DSLRs
  • Tripod
  • Speaker (for audio sync during production)


  • Ableton
  • Pro Tools
  • Adobe Premiere
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