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Class Objectives: In this 8 week class, students will…

  • Explore the art of storytelling by creating a short film
  • Understand the components that make up a film, following the stages of development: pre-production, production, and post-production, production crew roles, and all necessary equipment and software 
  • Learn basic camera equipment and operation skills.
  • Learn how to edit film using standard editing software
  • Understand introductory concepts and terms associated with filmmaking
  • Learn how to break down film into its component parts to evaluate artistic work
  • Develop the skills to analyze, describe and enjoy film as an art and entertainment form
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of proper constructive critique in art as well as how to give and receive constructive criticism and supportive feedback
  • Compile ideas and practice building stories from the ground up
  • Learn how to properly and effectively workshop ideas
  • Discuss how developing technologies have impacted the profession of filmmaking as it stands today
  • Learn about opportunities and potential resources for how to pursue filmmaking further

Class opens on March 29th, 2021


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