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Class Description

This class will lead students through the art and technique of digital photography, emphasizing the diverse perspectives on water usage, conservation, and the natural beauty of the Bitterroot River. Using Photoshop, students will learn to edit selected photographs taken by Spring Session MAPS students that depict the subjects’ relationship with the river. Participants will also learn how to prepare photos for an art exhibit. By the end of the class, the collection of compelling photo essays will narrate the story of the river’s recreational users, stewards, and the surrounding ecosystem, culminating in a public exhibition in July 2024.

Learning Objectives: in this class, students will learn about

  • The art and technique of digital photography;
  • How to utilize the functions of the camera for creative purposes;
  • Using Photoshop, students will learn to edit selected photographs;
  • How to transfer, organize, and choose select image files;
  • The art of the peer critique and how to give peer critiques on the progress of student work;
  • How to tell a story through editorial photography;
  • Opportunities and potential resources on career pathways;
  • How to distribute, exhibit, and produce photos for a public art exhibit.


  • iMac Computers
  • Sony Digital Cameras A7ii & FE 28mm-70mm lens


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom

Deliverables: Students and Class Projects

  • Individually or in pairs: students will select, edit and create a portfolio of images using collaborative decision making.
  • Class compilation: This is a collective photo essay combining selected works from all students, showcasing the range of perspectives and narratives about the Bitterroot River. This compilation will be prepared for public exhibition and publication in digital or print formats.
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