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Class Description

Utilizing fundamentals of design, students will create their own super heroes and villain comic book cover.

Learning Objectives: in this class, students will learn about

  • Utilizing the basic tools in Photoshop and Adobe Fresco, students will explore the fundamentals of design:
    • Shape, contrast, line, color, texture, space, and hierarchy
  • Utilizing the tools in Photoshop and Adobe Fresco: students will explore character design with simple shapes focusing on silhouettes.
    • Students will explore what makes a character memorable.
    • Students will explore and discuss what aspects of design makes a character likable and not.  
  • Students will gain a fundamental knowledge of what character design is and how to create a three point turnaround. 
  • Students will explore comic book art and covers and the fundamentals of creating them.
    • Students will utilize the fundamentals of perspective, foreshortening and the rule of thirds. 
    • Students will explore color pallets and how to choose them. 


  • iMac
  • iPad
  • Pencils


  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Fresco
  • Adobe Capture

Deliverables: Students and Class Projects

  • Comic book hero and villain creation 
  • Comic book cover
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