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Class Description

This class will provide an introductory set of skills for application in digital art mediums. These skills will serve as a precursor to the production of various media outlets, such as comics, video games, and movies. Through research, drawing, and writing, students will learn what makes a fictional character believable, likable, and aesthetically pleasing. The focus of these skills will be on a hero’s relationship with a villain and how it makes a story interesting.

Learning Objectives: in this class, students will learn about

  • Use of the toolbar and layers in Adobe Fresco
  • Basic research and gathering reference for a digital art project
  • Writing a dynamic source of conflict for fictional characters
  • Techniques and common practices for digital illustration
  • Proper file saving and naming conventions


  • iPads
  • Apple Pencils
  • Notebooks and normal pencils/pens
  • Your brain!


  • Adobe Fresco
  • Your imagination!

Deliverables: Students and Class Projects

  • 1 Reference sheet – containing two characters (a superhero and a supervillain), as well as typed information pertaining to each of them.
  • 1 Illustration depicting the conflict between those characters
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